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Understanding the Scope of Occupational Safety and Health Professionals

Generally speaking without a deeper survey of the US employers, it is rather impossible to give an estimate or define the full spectrum of the professionals providing occupational safety and health services to the US workers. Even though this is the case, for general information, these professionals have been identified in two main tranches and the first are those that have formed a core or the traditional occupational health and safety (OSH) professionals where we have the occupational safety professionals, the industrial hygiene professionals, the occupational medicine experts and the occupational health nursing experts and the other are those that have equally proved to be key to the issue of occupational safety and health going into the future where we see such professionals or designations like the employee assistance professionals, the ergonomists and the occupational health psychologists.

Even though the various traditional OSH professionals approach the issue of occupational health and safety from different angles, fact is that they however happen to as well share some common interests and goals. And that goal is in identifying hazardous conditions, materials and workplace practices and helping the employers and employees alike in eliminating the attendant risks or at the very least reducing them. Take a case like for the occupational safety professionals whose main aim is to identify the workplace hazards but have as well been so good at emphasizing on the prevention of workplace fatalities and the like cases. Make sure to learn more here!

This as well happens to be the case when we look at the other professionals in OSH like the occupational hygienists who have as well been quite resourceful and full of expertise when it comes to the need to identify and control hazards that may be the result of acute exposure to the various agents, chemical, biological and even physical while at the same time have never ignored injuries. Now coming to the occupational health nurses and physicians, in these we see teams that as well help a great deal when it comes to clinical care and such kinds of programs in the workplace that would be of help when it comes to health promotion, protection and as well disease prevention programs. Be sure to learn more here!

By and large, at present, there are tens of thousands of Americans who are already members of the professional societies that advocate for the core OSH disciplines. By and large, the statistics show that there are still a number out there who by virtue of their current employment stand eligible to qualify for membership to these societies. You can join the American Society of Safety Professionals today and be a part of this movement dedicated to creating safer futures. To get some facts about social organization, go to

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